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16 March 2010 @ 09:07 pm
title: well you must be a girl with legs like that
pairing: koyama/shige
rating: nc-17
summary: koyama likes to dress up as a high school girl. shige's more than happy to play along.
notes: for a prompt on a fic meme from so long ago i can't even remember where it's originally posted. apologies for taking so long with it, fandom's had to be put on hold due to exams and whatnot. slowly trying to ease myself back into it. any errors are mine.

well you must be a girl with legs like thatCollapse )
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28 September 2009 @ 06:50 pm
I'm sick. Been hacking away like a witch with a frog in her throat. I've been popping cherry Soothers and honey and lemon Strepsils and I really tried to drink Lemsip and while it smells lovely, there aren't enough additives to not make it taste like medicine.

So I've been home all day, just downloading and watching things. Watched the latest Supernatural, lots of love for Castiel's failure as Dean's wing man, and Grey's Anatomy. I cried lots. Illness has made me soft :/ I'm only really in it for Christina and Lexie. Off to go watch House and Glee. I need some happy happy times.

It made me smile when I heard builders playing Katy Perry's Waking Up in Vegas. That's a scale of my melancholy.

SRLY BIG YAY for NEWS DVD! I'm not sure how I feel about Yamapi's solo stuff. It's a big deal for him and it's not for that long but I'm still :| about it. I hope he goes back to straight flippy hair for it. He should know full well by now that it suits him best.
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19 September 2009 @ 11:41 pm
Watched the series 2 premiere of Merlin and I've come to two conclusions:

This man will never not be gorgeous. Smug smile or no smug smile.

This man will never not be adorable. Horse poo or no horse poo.

Arthur was a clotpoll, Merlin looked like he was pining all the time, and the writers need to know you can't have lines like "Everything I do is for him and he just thinks I'm an idiot" and get away with it being *friendship*. Not after that episode last series where their 'love pure hearts' brought a unicorn back to life.

The promos do look epic though I got worried for a minute when they were showing the preview at the end and there was blatant Arthur/Gwen. That threw me because I thought they were taking it slow~ but then I realised it was just a compilation of snippets. Next episode is the jousting tournament if I trust wikipedia enough which should be good because it's fun watching Arthur being all athletic.
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19 September 2009 @ 10:10 am
Summer is overrrr.

As usual, I feel as though I've wasted it. I've been having difficulty determining how to fic properly (it feels as though I want to write epic epicness but they take too long so it feels like nothing gets finished), so I've been hanging out at the anonymemes, I think some of the prompts are quite good and when I recognise one from an old one it makes me sad that it hasn't been written yet D; Ryo = House, people! It feels like there's been three memes and I keep losing the links so I'm googling really ambiguous things in speech marks trying to find the prompts I wanted to write.

NEWS fandom's been real quiet. I know this is the space where NWPD DVD was supposed to be but on the other hand, it's been 10 months since color so maybe there's an album in the works? Maybe? November-time?

To fill up my need to fangirl, I've turned to Supernatural and Merlin, and I'm gonna dip my toe in Glee. SPN fandom can get a little scary sometimes but the crazy/wank seems to be located in certain places so I just stay away, everything else is just wonderful with epic gif spams of pretty boys making funny faces. Merlin fandom is awesome, really, everyone is just so happy with love for everyone and they have such organised events like this and this and this. It'd be nice if there was JE equivalent but I'm not sure how it'd work strategically... A NEWSweeeek. Pffft. I'm lame. I know. I'd really like a list of old fic memes too, just for the memories. Ryo/cement block = OTP. I'm joshing.

I've been swept up in the wave of Korean girl bands and pretty much know the names of all the main playaaz (the duos, not so much). LA chA TA is my jam. I know the dance XDDD Trendy and age appropriate. Well done SM.
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14 August 2009 @ 12:19 am
It seems LJ doesn't like me very much and has been refusing to load on my laptop even though it appears fine on my mobile browser. Nevermind. I've got a month left of summer. I intend to push out fic, I'm currently working on a monster. A FREAKING MONSTER, I TELLS YA. I'm almost 7,000 words in and all I've done is get Koyama wasted. It's a beautiful thing. It truly is. It feels as though my writing has changed. It's... trashy in an almost adorable way.
“It’s my first raucous party, I love it, we should have one too. Someone taught me how to knot a cherry stalk with my tongue,” Shige thinks Koyama says that with a bit too much pride, possibly a bit too much of a smile too. Scratch that – Shige knows there’s a bit too much tongue.
FWAHAHAHA. That's around the 6,000 word mark. I'm still undecided over who Koyama will wake up in the bathtub with the next morning but it'll come to me. I've been reading Merlin fics recently. It's astounding how many epic fic lengths there are... It feels as though 2/5th are over 4,000 words, several of those over 10,000. I think it's affecting my pacing now which is why I'm leisurely taking my time with plot. Monster fic will be eating words. Chewing them, spitting them out, setting them on fire with toxic breath.

I'm in a giddy mood. S4 of Psych has started. I love it. I love the Mentalist reference and the Shawn/Juliet 'date' even though I know he's totally dating Abigail and Abigail is really sweet and I love her being the 'one that got away' but didn't. She deserves a happy ending f'realz. Blah. It's tugging at my heartstrings.

Mother has started watching 24. She says it's so exciting she needs anti-anxiety meds to get through it XDDD
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08 August 2009 @ 01:34 am
Tomorrow Today is the local Fili Association trip to Bornemouth. All the Filipinos in the area I live in are going to the beach. There are quite a lot considering that they've booked two coaches to transport everyone. I'm half-excited, half-dreading it. It'll be nice to see everyone and all that heartwarming shizz they seem to talk about in dramas but I absolutely hate the beach, the sea, the sun, everything that is construed from those summertime themes. In that sense, me and Yamapi would not see eye to eye at all. I wouldn't mind it so much but it'll be hot and disgusting on a coach where the children are hyperactive and unless they all got DS's and someone's got a Mario Kart game cartridge for multiplayer, I'll not be best pleased for the duration of that trip.

I'm only joking. I'll love it really. Hopefully.

4hrs 30 mins ETD. Should I bother sleeping now?
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03 August 2009 @ 03:57 pm
Now that my phone is not so shiny, I've been on the lookout for one to buy since it'll be another year until I can get a free upgrade. My current X1 is battered and worn and so full of junk that refuses to delete itself no matter how many times I try. I went a little overboard when I first got it and tried to fully pimp it out hardcore-like. It can't be normal to spend half a day looking at phones and reviews back and forth and still not come to a conclusion, is it? I do know that I've gone right off Nokia and Sony Ericsson though (though the upcoming SE Satio/Idou looks like my cup of tea) so I'm looking at LG and Samsung. I saw the promotion for the LG GM730 and it looks sweet but there's no UK release date yet ):

I also had a go at cleaning up my hard drive. My podcast folder was indeed unnecessarily cluttered so I listened through the ones that I wanted to keep. Below are a few clips that I found particularly funny. The parrot one is possibly my favourite.

fake baby colin                                harry potter wangs

parrot riding bike                             dog adopts pig
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01 August 2009 @ 08:05 pm
I'm giving up. I just can't find the motivation to finish these fics but I think it's a shame to just delete them. Some of them are things I've promised but I just can't. I'm really sorry. Some of these are pretty old so ignore my inconsistencies and typos and really dodgy HMTL. Prod me to finish one if it really takes your fancy - seriously - prod me. Prod me hard. So here for your incomplete viewing pleasure...

blame it on the weatherman | yamapi/koyamaCollapse )

no smoke without fire | tegoshi-centricCollapse )

watching the bays erode away | yamapi/koyamaCollapse )

my eye's apple is not mine | ryo/shigeCollapse )

cupid has always been a fallen angel in disguise ~jusqu'à ce que la mort~ | yamapi/koyama, shige/tegoshiCollapse )

this is the moment that you smile before you cry | ryo/koyamaCollapse )
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31 July 2009 @ 02:25 pm
I just finished watching BBC's Psychoville. It's a thriller/drama/comedy thing. Essentially, it's about five ex-psychiatric patients being contacted by an anonymous 'blackmailer' accusing them of the murder of a nurse at the hospital. There's a dwarf actor, a blind millionaire, a midwife who believes a doll is her child, a one-handed clown and a serial killer obsessed man-child. Now with those kind of characters you know it's going to be quirkily interesting. I quite like the blind man if only for the fact that he calls his assistant guy 'Tea Leaf'.

It's not really scary, it is very funny and had I not been made to watch Hitchcock's Rope at film club last year in school I wouldn't have gotten the homage in episode 4.

Let me just say for the 'concluding' finale, it was... truly exciting. Such a twisty ending (don't wiki it because it gives it all away). It is a show with a bit of everything genre-wise, there's even a musical montage in one episode. I highly recommend it for the thrill of the mystery.

It reminds me of a game show a few years back. There was a sleepy village with a 'serial murderer' and the contestants were given files on people in the village and they had to find clues and talk to people in order to find out who it was. And one by one, as the contestants made misjudgements, they would get 'killed off' one by one. I only really remember it because when it got down to the last two, they had to go and meet with someone and choose one of two locations. One lady chose to go in a barn and I remember the hay as the murderer approached and killed her off. I say 'game show' it was really more like a documentary-style thing with recorded dramatic sequences to piece together stories of the villagers. It's a shame I can't remember the name of it though.

You can find many DDL links for Psychoville here to suit your host of preference, just check the comments.
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20 July 2009 @ 05:41 pm
title: no heroics.exe
pairing: gen
rating: pg-13
summary: ryo’s an undecided cape who gives being a supervillain a go for a while and uses a not-so secret identity to set up a software company to code a virus as his first attempt at being evil. unbeknownst to him, he’s employed moonlighting off-duty superheroes to do his bidding.
notes: this has been nagging me for a while so i thought i’d just get it all out so it’s quite rushed in parts. totally stole the title from the tv show. any weird names are superhero names. there's the smidgiest bit of tegoshige and mild language. but um, not really. please excuse any openness, i lost track at some points.

no heroics.exeCollapse )
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